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2023+ Colorado & Canyon Dash Grid

This Dash Grid replaces the small cubby behind your infotainment screen in your 2023+ Colorado or Canyon to mount just about anything to your dash. This is compatible with Bose Surround Sound System equipped trucks.


This is a solution for the lack of mounting locations in these trucks. Even though GM designed these trucks to be super technologically integrated, there may be times you want to mount your phone, dash cam, go pro, hula girl (no judgement), but simply can't find a spot...


I have employed the MLOK attachment system ( and the AMPS Standard mounting patern to make your mounting experience as modular and functional as possible.


Set up your screws and nuts, then slide your phone mount exactly where you want it. Need to mount your Go-Pro too? We got you. Mount this adapter ( to the Dash Grid and clip in your camera.

INSTANT INFLUENCER!!! Just be sure to tag us!



*I will have an install video coming shortly*

This Dash Grid is 100% zero modification install. Simply remove the factory tray and install the Dash Grid with the factory hardware holding the radio.


An often overlooked feature we noticed many other brands don't include with their dash mounting systems is 12v power. It seems as though these other manufacturers expect you to have a mess of wires cluttering up your dash.


Hidden in plain sight, we give you the option to add usb power in the form of a Carling style USB adapter. A quick snip with a razor blade will open up a perfectly sized slot for a USB adapter. (I personally picked up this blue back lit one to match my blue truck


You will have to hard wire this adapter to the fuse box in the passenger foot well. (I will include this as part of the installation video.) By installing this USB adapter, you can now use short USB cords like these ( or to charge everything you have mounted.


Couple this with our Defrost Vent Ball Mount and you will have unlocked two very functional spots to keep your devices in the most convenient spots without cutting up your dash or cluttering your view up with a bunch of charging wires.


This Dash Grid comes with the replacement tray and a brushed metal Grid with its own flush mounting hardware. You will reuse the 2 screws currently holding the infotainment screen to the dash.


2023+ Colorado & Canyon Dash Grid

$130.00 Regular Price
$115.00Sale Price
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