The days of your tailgate slamming down are now a thing of the past. With this bracket you simply need only to let go of your inhibitions and probably your tailgate too and let it float downward like a single down feather. This kit retains the multi-position angle setting feature very few Colorado owners even know about. This gas strut is 100% hidden when you close the tailgate. Perfect for show trucks and even work trucks. It will not get damaged from items in your bed slamming into it. It will install on the driver side or passenger side but the logo will only be visible on the driver side. Only 1 hole is required to install. Remove your tail light housing and drill a hole about 1/2in down from lower pin on the latch, and about a 1/2 in forward to clean the clip on the cable when closed.(~12.7mm for our friends up north.) All mounting hardware is included as well as the gas strut. Nothing more to buy as in previous kits.

355 EZ Down Tailgate Bracket 04-12 Colorado/Canyon



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