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Rough Surface

The all new 2023 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyons are jam-packed full of features and tech but there's something the engineers over at General Motors forgot about....

                   ...How the owners will use their trucks.

The phone charger in the console is about effective as the blinker stalk in a BMW. Only a few select trims received the extra switch but apparently, you need a $500+ relay box to use it. <<< Watch the video.

If you want to mount an Auxbeam switch pod or even a magnetic phone mount there's nearly no good spot to install it.

Well, now there is...

I wanted to find a spot to mount my switch panel in a place that was out of the way but still easily accessible. I wanted to be able to see what I have on at a moment's glance.

I also wanted to make it so that no matter which truck you had this would fit. (did I mention I can make it for the passenger side too?) 

A non-negotiable was a factory-like appearance. The texture and color look at home on the dark dash and won't cause any glare on the windshield.


This ball mount uses a 1in spherical mount to allow you to adapt just about any one-inch ball mount accessory you can think of. 


Be careful to not compare this to the basic air vents you can find on Amazon. These vents tend to heat up your phone if you're running the heater. Our vent deflects the air just as the stock vent did but directs it away from what you have mounted.


What will you mount on your dash?

Switch pod? Phone Mount? Maybe you make content or simply want to record your family's trips and need a spot to mount a GoPro. This ball mount and the upcoming Dash Track will allow you to adapt your truck's interior to your lifestyle.

Dash Vent Ball Mount - 2023 Colorado & Canyon

$90.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
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