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If you happen to live in a state that doesnt require a front plate and you may have holes in the bumper from a previous plate this custom license plate would be perfect for adding a touch of style while covering those unsightly holes.

Maybe you have a hidden winch and want to hide the fairlead behind a plate to prevent theft of keep mud out of your line.

I might end up making these without holes or maybe make the holes knockouts so you can choose to use 2 or all 4 holes. I'd think you might be able to add some stick on magnets to the back and you can cover your plate at car shows or during photo shoots of course.

This listing is strictly a prebuy feeler to see if this is a viable product you guys want to buy. if you want one click the link to get notified when these become in stock.

Hummer H3 License Plate

$55.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
Out of Stock
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