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I wasn't too keen on drilling a bunch of self tappers through my frame or really happy with attempting to stick these light to the various surfaces under my truck. I was concerned the lights wouldnt look good and might need to be repositioned and that might prove difficult once drilled or stuck in place.

So I came up with these magnetic wedges to allow me the flexibility to mount the roch lights to nearly any metal surface. (I have lights on my leaf springs...)

Several super strong neodymium magnets boasting something like over 50# of holding force keep these rock lights exactly where you want and if you need to move them simply pull them off and move them.

Currently the Mictuning C2 style are the only rock lights I support. If you are wanting me to support a different rock light email me at and I'll have you send me one to design a wedge just for you and cut you a deal for working with me!

I'll be sending all quantites with 1 extra in the event you manage to break a screw off in one.

Magnetic Rock Light Wedge

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