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You asked for it and we made it happen.

These frame horns allow you to add a sick looking tube bumper on your truck on the cheap. It is a perfect mounting surface to mount a light bar or some huge driving lights.

Rip off that bulky stock bumper youve already destroyed the plastic on and slap these on.

You can install these with your factory tow hook bolts. 

The kit comes with 2 frame horns but does not come with mounting hardware.

You will need 4 gr8 1/2x4in bolts nuts and washers if you do not plan to ewld this to your truck.

Check out the install video on youtube channel! Dont Forget to subscribe for more fun videos and cool products.

Pre-Runner Frame Horn - DIY Tube Bumper Kit

$110.00 Regular Price
$95.00Sale Price
Out of Stock
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