When swapping an LS engine into a Colorado, Canyon or H3 that came with the i4 or i5 you cannot use the factory mounts. Our mounts will adapt the 4 and 5 cyl towers on the frame to the new V8 engine. Made from steel twice as thick as the factory mounts and professionally tig welded to ensure they will keep your motor securely in place. SEXY red polyurethane bushings keep vibrations down and beefy tubing guarantee a perfect fit every time. For the easiest installation mount the brackets to the chassis first and carefully set the motor in place and then bolt to the motor. Trimming of the factory towers will be required to fit.


These will be sold in 2 flavors. WELDED and UNWELDED. The "UNWELDED" mounts will come tacked in place ready to be finished welded. PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL THE MOTOR ON THE TACKED MOUNTS. 


Pre buy is a potential of 8 weeks to delivery due to the red polyurethane bushings being custom made,

V8 Engine Swap Mounts 04-12 Colorado/Canyon/H3