Wyze Labs has created a killer line of cameras. Many of us have found they do quite well outdoors while under the eaves. The pan cam is a fantastic addition to any home security system. Every other bracket mount on the market is not able to allow the pan cam to reach its full potential range. This corner bracket allows you to mount your pan camera on any corner of your house giving you the ability to see over 270 degrees and make full use of the pan feature. These brackets will be able to be purchased at Badlandindustriesdotcom Check out the video here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x9slwFkOwU
The bracket can be bent by hand yet it strong enough to support the weight of the camera. There is a separate tab to serve as a kickstand. The bracket can be bent either direction. 
Contents of the package: bracket, bolt, screws, and anchors. You can mount this to wood, stucco, drywall, or any other surface you can think of.
At the time of this listing these are in pre production. Please allow a couple days before you receive a tracking number.

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Wyze Pan Camera Corner Bracket

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