Lift kit Install Instructions

October 25, 2017

Lift kit Install Instructions


Ball Joint Spacer Install

Begin by taking off your wheel and tire to gain access to suspension



Unbolt ball joint from steering knuckle and UCA (21mm and 15mm)

With a Large hammer or small sledge strike the spindle on the nub at the top to break the joint free.

Press out studs by slipping large socket over head of ball joint stud and using a vice or press to push the stud out

Re-connect ball joint to steering knuckle
Place new hardware back into the balljoint/spacer and reinstall into the upper arm.

Double check all torques



Lift Shackles

1. Remove the Spare tire with the kit available under the passenger seat. Assemble the kit, crank the rear tire 
down and remove it.

2. Loosen the lugs on the wheels, jack up the rear of the truck, and place a jack stands under the frame on 
each side of the truck and remove the wheels. 



3. Loosen the rear shackle bolts with a 3/4 in wrench and socket.


4. Use the jack to raise the rear differential to take the tension off the springs. You’ll know when you’ve raised 
it enough because the shackle will become loose.

5. You should now be able to remove the bolts from the shackles. Use a hammer to knock the bolts out. I used my 10” socket extension to help remove the bolts from the holes. You will need to lower the rear differential some to allow for the bottom right shackle bolt to clear the exhaust pipe and allow you to remove the final shackle bolt. 

6. Remove the bottom bolts from the rear shocks using a 3/4” wrench and socket (Save these bolts and nuts, you 
will need them to install the new shocks). 

7. Remove the top bolts of the shocks (2 bolts per shock) using a 1/2” socket and the 10” socket extension. The shock will just fall off so watch yourself (Save the bolts to be reused when installing new shocks). 

8. Now we are ready to install the new shackles. Grease the holes of the shackle with some anti-seize. Insert the 
top bolt and hand tighten the nut. After you’ve got the top bolts in each shackle in, adjust the jack up or down so 
the springs line up with the bottom holes of the shackle. Insert the bottom bolts and hand tighten 

9. Install the rear shocks using the bolts you used from the stock shocks with a 3/4” wrench and socket for the 
bottom bolt and 1/2” socket and 10” extension for the top bolts. I used Rancho 5190 shocks. Use anti-seize in 
the bottom shock bolt hole.

10. Reinstall the spare tire. 

11. Lower the jack holding the rear diff off the ground. 

12. Tighten all the shackle bolts. 

13. Jack up each side of the truck in front of the rear leaf springs one at a time and remove the jack stands. Now 
you’re done with the rear end! 



Torsion Key Lift 
14. Raise the front of the truck until the front wheels are off the ground. Place jack stands under the frame and 
lower the jack. The Torsion Bar is located under the truck half way down the front doors.

15. An impact gun make quick work of the next steps. 

16. Use a 1-1/16” socket to turn the bolt counter clock wise (right) to Remove the torsion key bolts.


Install new lift keys on their respective sides and crank them back down.


Complete turns on both sides. Lower the truck back down to see if the height is where you want it and measure to make sure each side is equal.

ABSOLUTELY NO HIGHER THAN @24.5 inches or you wont be able to align.

I would recommend making the driver side a 1/4 to 3/8 higher to accommodate driver and gas weight.

ABSOLUTELY NO HIGHER THAN @24.5 inches or you wont be able to align.


Differential Drop

Reverse the lower shock bolt now or the CV will get in the way and you wont be able to remove the shock.
17. Support your diff and remove all four bolts. Next lower the diff about an inch, slide in the spacers and install the longer provided bolts. This serves to correct the new CV shaft angle and lowers the diff which lessens the halfshaft angles otherwise you will damage the CV boots.

21. You’re done, now get a front end alignment and you should be fi

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