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Lighting Upgrades for Your Chevy Colorado: A Step by Step Guide

Hey everyone, it's Kevin with Guideline Industries, and today we're going to be making some lighting upgrades to my friend's Chevy Colorado. The problem with the stock setup is that when you activate the high beams, the low beams turn off. But don't worry, we're going to fix that right now.

First up, let's start with an easy mod in the fuse box. We're going to find the beam select relay and make a simple change from the 30-pin to the 87-pin. This will allow power to flow from the 30-pin to the 87-pin when the headlights are on and to the 87-pin when the high beams are activated. All you need to do is remove a small piece from the relay, add a little bit of flux to the wire, and solder the 30-pin and 87-pin together. Once you've done that, put the relay back in the truck and check the results.

Next, we'll move on to modifying the DRLs (Daytime Running Lights). Currently, one bulb performs both the signal and runner functions. We're going to change that by splicing in a new socket, which we got off Amazon (I'll include a link below). The black wire is the ground, the brown is the running circuit, and the blue is the turn signal. To splice the new harness in, we'll match black to black, pink to brown, and blue to blue. After splicing in the new harness, we'll install it in the truck and hide the wires.

Finally, we'll make some improvements to the brake lights. We'll flip the brake light for a better aesthetic and run a bead of clear silicone over the top to prevent leaks. We'll also show you how to add an auxiliary backup light and dual brake lights.

In conclusion, these lighting upgrades are a great way to improve the look of your Chevy Colorado and keep your headlights and brake lights functioning properly. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help with the process. Happy upgrading!

Install Video Click

Amazon: DRL and brake light sockets;

The ones I used were cheap and required modification. They worked but weren't ideal.

Here's a link for you to compare to some AC Delco sockets; 3157

bulbs used for the DRL and rear signal;

I replaced the janky soldering iron with this one and like it so far; Flux

to clean the solder joints;

Electrical Solder;

Shrink tube assortment;

The best electrical tape on the cheap.

Clear silicone for the 3rd brake light. (don't use too much) this pouch is perfect for small jobs like this.

Aux lighting options. These are the ones I installed.

Other options I mentioned; flush mount and pods

These are the headlights we will be replacing next video.

Just be sure to seal them with this black RTV.

These are the popular tail lights I mentioned.


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