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The seat pockets have been an issue for years. They don't hold anything or when they do the slightest bump on the road can cause the pocket to fall.


Some 3d printed clips are available from various vendors work but you can modify your elastic for free so the clips aren't really a great idea.


You can remove your seat pockets, sell them on ebay, and use that money to buy these molle panels and have money left over.


These molle panels still retain the pocket function while giving you the additional function of attaching tear pouches or anything that attaches via a molle system. First Aid kits, magazines, recovery gear, flashlights etc.


These are specific to the H3 seats. It doesn't matter if you have installed them in your Colorado or Canyon or want to install them in your H3.


Check out our install video here


Kit comes with 2 panels and sufficent hardware to install both.









H3 Seat-Back Molle Panel

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