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Adding a winch to your vehicle is a cheap insurance plan off road. You build your truck up to be capable but the trail may have other plans.

Maybe you don't need to pull yourself out of a situation, but you need to help another offroader who is stuck. They may be incapable of recovering themselves, but you have the equipment to help.

Typically, winch plates are bulky and reduce ground clearance. With our design the winch is safely tucked up inside the factory bumper and can easily be accessed when needed.

We are actively researching and testing alternative front recovery points.

This winch plate may be installed with our skid plate for added front protection.

This winch plate only comes with 2 smaller mounting bolts. The 4 larger tow hook bolts will be reused. You may need to reverse your tow hooks if you have a "zr2 cut" stock bumper. If you choose to install this winch plate on a vehicle that was not equipped with tow hooks refer to the DIY Prerunner Bumper Braket video for how to drill out your frame properly.

Hidden Winch Plate installation video coming soon.

Hidden Winch Plate

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