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Do you want to lift your truck or maybe you've purchased another company's incomplete "lift kit"?

These other kits don't come with all the components you need to protect the ball joints. The added stress caused by the increased angle will quickly wear out your upper ball joint.

By adding our Ball Joint Spacers you can relieve excessive ball joint stress when lifting your IFS truck.

It also allows the upper control arm more freedom of movement and greater articulation of the suspension.

Adding the ball joint spacer improves the upper ball joint angle, extending ball joint life by putting less stress on the ball joint and boot. All of our ball joint spacers are precision machined, and include grade 10.9 fasteners.

We carry both Torsion Bar 3 bolt style and Coil Suspension 4 bolt style.

1 kit comes complete with 2 spacers and hardware. 1 kit =1 truck

Installation video can be found here (5.30):

Upper Ball Joint Spacer Colorado/ Canyon / Isuzu 04-12

$95.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
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