Lift your z85 or zq8 2-3 inches Badland Industries parts are 100% machined right here in USA. Matched with the best hardware which is also sourced here in USA. Quality material & precision machining are the main ingredients of all our parts. Our lift kit will raise front of your truck by an actual 2.5". The spacers mount on top of the coil assembly and do not affect the ride quality adversely. Infact many say it rides better than stock. This kit can be installed in about 3-4 hours with basic tools. Our spacers are made out of 6061 T6 aluminum. This kit is the fastest and also the most inexpensive way to raise the sagging front end of your truck and we can assure you that our spacers are the strongest on the market and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and full warranty. We recommend professional installation if you don't have the correct set of tools. You will need to cut the metal at the bump stop to clear the coils new location.
Kit Components: Coil Spacers, Lift Shackles/Add-a-leaf, and Upper Ball Joint Spacers
Front use stock spec z85 struts.
Rear use Z71 Colorado rear shocks which are longer.
Select the shock extensions if you intend to use stock length rear shocks.

Coil Suspension 2-3in Lift Kit 04-12

$275.00 Regular Price
$225.00Sale Price