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Rough Surface

Building the Badlander

The golden rule of an overland vehicle can be summed up as “stock is better,” but things do not always go as planned. This would hold true for the ease of sourcing parts especially internationally. We take dive into looking at how to create a stronger drivetrain and moving away from the factory independent front suspension.

Five-What? Behind The Build

A sinister-looking Colorado in its natural habitat.

When people hear “five-cylinders,” they tend to go cross-eyed, and their heads cock to one side. The first generation Chevrolet Colorado features an Atlas inline five-cylinder motor. It was used to maintain a balance between the EPA standards and adequate power for the drivers’ needs. Invariably, overlanding probably didn’t make the shortlist of the designers’ intentions.

Just a few years ago the 3.5-liter gave out and we transplanted