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Install Instructions for EZ-Down Tailgate Bracket for First Gen Colorados and Canyons 04-12

Hello everyone!

The kit comes with a pre-made bracket with a laser etched logo, an extra nut, and clips to secure the shock.

On the driver's side, we start by removing the tail light. Then, using a 13mm socket, we remove the factory bolt on the tailgate hinge and install the bracket.

Next, we attach the shock and locate the top. To ensure the shock isn't holding any weight, we mark the bottom of the hole a tiny bit under center and drill a hole for the provided bolt.

Finally, we need to trim the threads on the tail light screw to ensure a flush fit.

And there you have it! Our Easy Down Tailgate Bracket for the first gen Colorados and Canyons.

For the complete install video head over to


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